We develop technology to work alongside you — letting computers do what computers do best, and humans do what humans do best.

A reliable team with demonstrated expertise

Our collaborative approach sets your project up for success. Each member of our team brings strengths and experience from their field of expertise while working together seamlessly to ensure that there is no single point of failure. Get realistic assessments of work and expectations, so that you can plan your next step with confidence.

Globally-distributed to serve you better

Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered. With a geographically dispersed team, our work day is a lot longer than yours. We are ready to support you and remain flexible to your timezone and schedule. When you choose Paradem, you have full visibility into your project, making sure it’s always on track, whatever the time of day.

Our team

Abdullah Norozi IranzadDeveloper

Falling into the world of coding in 2006, Abdullah has been fortunate to be able to use his front end skills for organizations all over the world. Having worked on projects ranging from single page sites to SharePoint on desktop and mobile, he enjoys the feeling of bringing other people’s ideas to life online and connecting with others.

Abdullah hails from New Zealand and works out of the Great White North.

Get in touch with him at @wayferer.

Borna SafaiAnalyst

From breaking his dad’s computer when he was working during the day (don’t tell him!), Borna has come a long way to help people solve their problems using technology. Asking questions, writing user stories and documenting are just some of the things he does when he’s not reading a book.

From Sweden through Israel to Canada, Borna is still asking himself why he returned to the cold.

Tweet him what to do at @borna761.

David HigginsDeveloper

From software at an early age to hardware and back again, David enjoys finding the most efficient tool for any given task. Whether it is learning a new framework for building an app or finding just the right hand tool to finish a piece of furniture, he knows the right tool can be the difference between usable and wonderful.

David currently lives in Calgary and steals away to Hawaii whenever possible.

Connect & grab a coffee with him at @PositronicNinja.

Ezra HopkinsUX Lead

Curiosity left a trail of watch parts and electronics in Ezra’s childhood home. He now takes apart ideas for clients, transforming them into beautiful user interfaces. Working, traveling and volunteering internationally has enabled Ezra to understand the importance of culture and language in people’s interactions.

Having left his native New Zealand a decade ago, his travels have taken him to Montreal. He is experiencing the sights, sounds and (most of all) tastes of the city with his wife and two children.

See what catches his eye at instagram.com/ezralen.

Jon LebensoldFounder

Having spent over a decade tapping away at a terminal, Jon has worked on large systems for Open Source projects, Fortune 500s, and non-profit organizations. He’s passionate about software architecture and a life of continuous learning.

Jon currently resides in Montreal where he’s eating an abundance of croissants.

Follow him at @jonlebensold.

Kathrina DabalosDeveloper

Kat has worked on everything from multi-platform blockbuster games to full-stack web development. She enjoys tackling big data problems, where small discrepancies can have a massive impact.

She lives in California with her husband, where she gets giddy over the many food options available.

Explore her photography on Flickr.

Kevin PrattFounder

When he is not keeping the systems running or pruning the backlog he is building systems that empower the individuals that use them and enjoys working in teams that use collaboration and consultation to involve everyone in the process.

Kevin does his best to stay warm while working in Canada.

See what he is working on at github.com.

Paolo SguazzabiaDeveloper

Paolo grew up tinkering with computers. He enjoys seeing how new technologies can be used for the betterment of his community. When not reading or rocking out on his guitar, you’ll probably find him coding away on some project.

Paolo resides in Italy, primarily for culinary reasons.

Check out his work on GitHub.

Ruben AmorteguiDeveloper

Ruben first fell for computers while programming Logo as a child in Colombia. Since completing a systems engineering program, he has been providing software development services to academia, human resources and manufacturing sectors across the Americas. He enjoys the challenge of taking a concept through to fruition.

A founding member of the Elixir meetup in Calgary, Ruben enjoys sharing his love of programming. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children exploring the many parks of Calgary… in the summer.

Check out his work on GitHub.

Scott LuedtkeDeveloper

From scripting servers to pushing pixels, Scott has done it all. With almost 20 years experience in making sites, one could say he’s a true web pioneer. His legacy is peppered all over the Internet and has even been featured by TechCrunch and Time Magazine.

Scott enjoys living next door to the Rocky Mountains in Canada and loves to travel as much as he can.

Check out where he’s at now on Instagram and Flickr.

Tara AlexiaDesigner

With a background in business management and a predilection for clean, thoughtful design, Tara is usually found engaged at various stages of the UX design process. She’s happiest when bringing order to processes, designing elegant and intuitive interfaces, and helping businesses clearly define and measure success.

Tara lives in Montreal, where she is enjoying the finest of cheeses.

Visit her at www.taralala.com.

The right technology for your project

One size does not fit all. We carefully consider each project and choose the best technology for you. Our approach is tailored to your business and aligned with your vision. Make sure you get the exact solution you need.

From conception to production

Whether you are looking for help with business analysis, prototyping, design or deployment, we can accompany your team every step of the way. Using Paradem as your one-stop shop makes your project easy to manage.

Want this team to work with you?

Whatever your organization does, there is a purpose behind it. Whoever you are, there is a principle motivating what you do. Paradem builds tools that enable you to fulfill your goals and bring meaning to your work.

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