From deck to prototype

Securing investment with a solid product

A smart checklist for operations management, Trail provides bite-sized tasks with clear actions at just the right time. A well-designed tool for simpler administration and happier working days, the Trail app serves industries in desperate need of both.


Trail approached Paradem with a strong product vision and a deep understanding of the problem domain. They needed a team with software development experience who could bring their minimum viable product to market quickly and within a tight budget.

Working closely with Trail meant collaborating on both product and strategic direction while remaining sensitive to their emerging culture as a startup.

How Paradem helped

Paradem's team led the development of Trail from prototype to MVP and successful launch. Because Trail had a solid product roadmap, we were free to focus on architecture, development, deployment and testing.

We implemented a process of iterative development and software testing. This up front investment meant that developers had a methodology to rely on when adding new functionality to the core product.

It’s not just outsourced dev; it’s a proper partnership. We trust the team and can depend on them at all times.

– Joe Cripps, Managing Director

Finally, we ensured a smooth transition to Trail's in-house team to continue the support and development of the product.

How Trail has benefited

Taking a bold approach with emerging architectural patterns and technology choices meant that we could iterate quickly and deliver an incredible user experience.

Joe Cripps

What Joe has to say about us

“Paradem have that rare ability to execute and deliver with absolute quality. I trust them to take our business forward every time we work together.”

“We work closely with Paradem to this day as trusted advisors, technical experts and friends!”

software architecture, app development, staff augmentation

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Exploring product ideas

Developing a mobile application for city-hoppers

Wayfarer uses intelligent notifications to deliver the best of what's around us in real time. A new café around the corner roasting single origin beans, a pop-up art exhibition one street over, a breakout yoga session in the park down the street - each notification is a timely invitation to move your feet and connect with only the most relevant places, people and events nearby. Your intelligent guide to the city around you - based on who you are and where you are.


Infograf needed to test a product idea quickly. Building a minimum viable product required a deep understanding of the technology and an ability to prioritize the essential elements of the product.

How Paradem helped

Paradem provided the technical expertise and a software development methodology that enabled Infograf, Mensch and Paradem to iterate on product ideas and work together as one cohesive team.

Paradem consistently went beyond my expectations when it came to clear communications, proactive engagement with users and technology, as well as willingness to accompany and include all members of the team, regardless of function.

– Bobak Tavangar, CEO

How Infograf has benefited

The outcome is an iOS application which is being tested and leveraged for seed capital fundraising.

Bobak Tavangar

What Bobak has to say about us

Paradem brought exceptional capacity for both human and technical understanding to our project and, paired with a guiding values structure, resulted in outcomes that exceeded my initial vision for the product and left me eager for the next opportunity to work together!

ios development, web-service integration, data analytics, extract transform load

Engaging the young public

Developing a microsite for a community project

The USBNC is a non-profit organization that works closely with a number of community-oriented programs across the United States focusing on youth empowerment, education and community building. Its localized youth media campaign aimed at promoting the JYSEP, a spiritual empowerment program for young people.


The USBNC was preparing to launch a media campaign to invite youth to a community-building program. The project consisted of producing content, mobilizing people and developing a new web presence. They needed a team that could provide both technical and non-technical expertise to help define and develop the project.

The team included people working in the geographic area, a national office and sub-contractors. For the media campaign to succeed, coordination and unity of vision were necessary across multiple teams.

How Paradem helped

Paradem's team worked closely with researchers and content developers for the website to match the project goals. We facilitated the persona development process. The USBNC relied on our team, from the construction of an information architecture to the website development and launch.

From the very beginning of the project, too, Paradem was a true collaborator and persevered alongside us even when we ran into deep questions concerning content strategy. Paradem provided an initial draft of a strategy statement which gave me something to build from and rally the distributed team around.

- Geoffrey Tyson, Internet Campaign Coordinator

We shaped the branding and graphic identity of the campaign and website, designed many advertising elements for newspaper and online media, and proposed an agile methodology for the development of the site. Weekly updates were tested and approved before each release through close collaboration.

How USBNC has benefited

Paradem helped to shape the iterative process that the distributed team was able to follow. Planning is now underway for future media campaigns following a similar model.

Geoffrey Tyson

What Geoffrey has to say

“I felt truly accompanied and supported by Paradem. They expressed such attentiveness and were consistently striving to see how we could improve the collaboration and keep the spirit of the work elevated and joyful.”

“I can only sing their praises. I have already recommended them to others. I believe that we only scratched the surface of what Paradem can offer, and I look forward to working with them again on the next complex project.”

user interviews analysis, persona development, microsite design, web development, metrics & analysis

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