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PostgreSQL Views in Rails by David Higgins, Developer

PostgreSQL Views can be a powerful tool for joining data from multiple databases in a Rails project. Should your project only have read access to the target database, you can use a view to join the data from the target database via a Rails model. However, getting everything setup and working can be a bit difficult. This is a not so brief reference for how to get the most out of using views in a Rails app.

Paradem Receives Five-Star Ratings Across the Board

Want to work with a team that has demonstrated a track record when it comes to versatility and expertise? Struggling to find someone who can handle multiple projects for you? Well, look no further because Paradem is here to help!

Reflections on Paradem’s History and Vision by Kevin Pratt, Founder

On the 7th anniversary of Paradem’s inception, I thought it would be interesting to tell how Paradem came about.