Falling into the world of coding in 2006, Abdullah has been fortunate to be able to use his front end skills for organizations all over the world. Having worked on projects ranging from single page sites to SharePoint on desktop and mobile, he enjoys the feeling of bringing other people’s ideas to life online and connecting with others.

Abdullah hails from New Zealand and works out of the Great White North.

Get in touch with him at @wayferer.

After getting his start with computers by programming BASIC in grade school, David was drawn to the challenge of working with hardware. Nowadays whether it’s developing an app or building a piece of furniture, David knows using the right tool can be the difference between usable and wonderful.

David currently lives in Calgary but steals away to Hawaii with his wife whenever possible.

Connect and grab a coffee with him at @PositronicNinja.

Curiosity left a trail of watch parts and electronics in Ezra’s childhood home. He now takes apart ideas for clients, transforming them into beautiful user interfaces. Working, traveling and volunteering internationally has enabled Ezra to understand the importance of culture and language in people’s interactions.

Having left his native New Zealand a decade ago, his travels have taken him to Montreal. He is experiencing the sights, sounds and (most of all) tastes of the city with his wife and two children.

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Impelled by a fascination with how people advance and social structures emerge, Geoffrey's work over the last decade has focused on business strategy development, web project management, and the creation of learning programs designed to guide change in organizations and communities.

Geoffrey has traded the rivers and farmland of Alabama for the lakes and mountains of British Columbia, Canada where he lives with his wife and child.

Join him there at

Kat has worked on everything from multi-platform blockbuster games to full-stack web development. She enjoys tackling big data problems, where small discrepancies can have a massive impact.

She currently lives in Connecticut with her husband and wonders how a tropical creature like her ended up in such a cold place.

Explore her photography on Flickr.

When he is not keeping the systems running or pruning the backlog he is building systems that empower the individuals that use them and enjoys working in teams that use collaboration and consultation to involve everyone in the process.

Kevin does his best to stay warm while working in Canada.

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Paolo grew up tinkering with computers. He enjoys seeing how new technologies can be used for the betterment of his community. When not reading or rocking out on his guitar, you’ll probably find him coding away on some project.

Paolo resides in Italy, primarily for culinary reasons.

Check out his work on GitHub.

From engineering to business, Shawyun loves to learn about how companies can become strong collaborators for the material and spiritual progress of their communities.

Shawyun currently lives in Vancouver where he serves his community by empowering young people to create a better world.

Check out his photos on Instagram.

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