A reliable team with demonstrated expertise

Our collaborative approach sets your project up for success. Each member of our distributed team brings strengths and experience from their field of expertise while working together seamlessly to ensure that there is no single point of failure. Get realistic assessments of work and expectations, so that you can plan your next step with confidence.

Daniel was interested in technology from a young age, but his early professional life focused on non-profit and youth-care work. He now tackles software development with the same passion and drive as his past work, and brings his love of serving people and conflict resolution to the team.

Daniel currently resides in British Columbia, Canada with his wife, but often finds himself daydreaming of the Philippines’ tropical climate where he grew up.

See what he’s up to on GitHub.

David discovered his passion for computers in elementary school, where he enjoyed working with hardware. Today, he applies his skills to various projects, from app development to woodworking. He understands that choosing the right tool is essential for creating quality products.

David currently lives in Airdrie, Alberta and travels with his family whenever possible.

Connect with him on Mastodon.

Curiosity left a trail of watch parts and electronics in Ezra’s childhood home. He now takes apart ideas for clients, transforming them into beautiful user interfaces. Working, traveling and volunteering internationally has enabled Ezra to understand the importance of culture and language in people’s interactions.

More than a decade of exploring the world has led Ezra back to his native New Zealand, where he now resides with his wife and children.

See what catches his eye at instagram.com/ezralen.

When he is not keeping the systems running or pruning the backlog he is building systems that empower the individuals that use them and enjoys working in teams that use collaboration and consultation to involve everyone in the process.

Kevin does his best to stay warm while working in Canada.

See what he is working on at GitHub.

Paolo grew up tinkering with computers. He enjoys seeing how new technologies can be used for the betterment of his community. When not reading or rocking out on his guitar, you’ll probably find him coding away on some project.

Paolo resides in Italy, primarily for culinary reasons.

Check out his work on GitHub.

From engineering to business, Shawyun loves to learn about how companies can become strong collaborators for the material and spiritual progress of their communities.

Shawyun currently lives in Vancouver where he serves his community by empowering young people to create a better world.

Check out his photos on Instagram.

Join our team

At Paradem, we help small and large organizations learn to apply technology to free human potential.

Many of us at Paradem have little kids, and so we understand the importance of family and balance in life. Let’s talk and see if we make a good fit!

Here’s just some of what we offer

Work where you want
We are a global team, with members in Canada, Italy and New Zealand.
Flexible hours
We keep to a 35 hours a week schedule to ensure we have good hours of overlap. We trust each other to get the job done, and keep a focus on communication to monitor projects and budgets and the wellbeing of each team member.
Health insurance
Paradem offers a comprehensive health insurance plan through SunLife for you and your spouse and children.
Competitive salaries
We keep our finger on the pulse of industry salaries and work to make sure we offer competitive salaries comensurate with skills, experience and the drive to learn.
Vacations and holidays
Paradem offers four weeks of vacation per year. You can observe any public holiday relative to where you’re living, and take-off any faith-based holiday you adhere to.
Tech gear
We’ll set you up with all the tools, software and hardware, you’ll need to get going.
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix Framework